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Plazoo is yet another blog search engine. Except it pre-sorts out the news according to major categories (such as sports and music) and seven major languages (including Russian). Technorati doesn't sort by language and you get a mish-mash of babel of blogs when you enter a search term. And findory is exclusively in English. When Plazoo manages to add Chinese and Japanese blogs to their database, they'll be able to compete heavily with the more established blog search engines.

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Hello Tim,

I just found your comment on our search engine this morning in my feeds and i heavily agree with you on the fact we should manage asian languages. We already index them but as you might know, these languages are very hard to index as the written language doesn’t know the concept of “words separated by spaces”. So these languages are unsearchable on  We currently work on a word segmenter for these languages, which is the base for making asian languages indexable and searchable. We will not use a dictionary approach but will implement an algorithm to extract words from the texts.
In fact we already index all major languages and you can search and filter them. Only the mentioned asian languages are
disabled until we are finished with the word segmenter.

Compared to the companies you mentioned, we are very new to the market but i think we have a great product which will help you to find your way through the blog/rss jungle, which gets denser and bigger every day.

Sending us Ideas and Feedback in any way is greatly appreciated and will be answered honestly, for its supporting us in creating a good product for you.

Thank you,

Thorvald Kik

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