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Fri Mar 19, 2023

Stable design

Ok the design for this website is stable now.


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Sun Feb 22, 2023


There is a link now on this blog when you want leave a comment, you have the option to register or login.

But the blogroll is completely broken. Dammit.

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Sun Feb 15, 2023

Feature upgrades for this blog

I'm working on this stuff one-by-one.

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Mon Jan 26, 2023

New Pmachine styling

This blog will look funny for the next month because I'm doing a re-design on the fly. All the archives are basically unreacheable until I manage to convert them by importing into Movable Type 3 then into Pmachine.
Some of the new things include:

  1. You will have to create accounts to leave comments. This may not turn off the persistent trolls, but it will lessen the on-the-fly trolls. Regular visitors won't notice much difference with cookies on. But for the time being commenting is off until the template is done.

  2. The blog will shift dramatically to observing tech stuff, mainly on internet technology and whatever odd software I'm testing at any moment. My focus has changed likewise since I started this blog as a university student. The front page will be split into two sections. Personal stuff gets one entry at the top. The tech stuff will take up the rest of the blog.

  3. The blogroll will be generated by Pmachine and not Blogrolling any more. And will focus on a wide variety of blogs by tech observers. (No, I still have no idea what Joi Ito is going on about.)

  4. There won't be links in the text any more. All relevant links will be at the bottom of each entry. I feel entry-linking disrupts the reading with the tempation to click before reading the entry.

  5. Better organisation. One of the things I disliked about the old blog after a while was the higgledy-piggledy nature of the entries, flying from one end of interest to another without any reason. With the categories and the separation between personal and geek entries, I hope to resolve some of that issue.

  6. More CSS interface. This blog will still be using tables to organise it, but the drop-down menu, cut-corner tabbed menus and tool-tips will all be CSS. Tables are my security blanket. Please don't take it away.

The first two items on the menu are:
  1. The menu, of course. It has to contain the blog roll, referrer list and the drop down with the relevant links about this blog.

  2. The separation of the two blog contents. The interface should include the permalinks and the categories list.

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