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Pearl Harbor
I won't bore you with any more details than you've probably already heard about the movie.

My advice is to walk into the movie 40 minutes after it has started then walk back out 40 minutes later. Don't stay for the beginning which is the bland love-triangle set up between the three protagonists. The ending is the revenge-for-Pearl-Harbor attack on Tokyo which left a really bad taste in my mouth for the suddeness of the turn-around of the defeat.

The people on Pearl Harbor were heroes already for having endured such a vicious attack. Why try to exagerate it even further by having a come-back? The film-makers made all the survivors look like twits.

While Roger Ebert might not recommend watching the movie, I would. If only just for the detailed action sequence during the attack. Michael Bay borrows Titanic director Cameron's sense of detail while plotting each piece of debris and body-part flung during the attack and tracking their exact movements across the screen. Actually, Bay already showed his adeptness at this style of movie-making while filming Armageddon.

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