Sunday April 03


UPDATE: All those of you coming here looking for alternatives to emessenger because your school or workplace has blocked it, please try and find out what software the school or workplace is using to block emessenger. There is help available if I know which censorship software is being used. It is usually a commercial software like Netnanny or something of the sort. Leave a comment so I can try help you. But first, try accessing using an online anonymization site like

Web based interface for instant messenging. Works for people behind firewalls. Supports MSN, AIM and Yahoo.

UPDATE: is down. A ping to the site returns a "No response" error. It might have gone down because it became so popular that its servers couldn't handle the traffic. If you're looking for it, you have to wait till they fix this problem themselves.



thanks! I can use that at work!

Posted by Jenny on Apr 05, 05 | 2:14 am

the school is clever and blocked it! any alternatives?

Posted by bill on Apr 20, 05 | 12:14 am

Depends, Bill. Which IM service are you looking for?

Posted by Tim on Apr 20, 05 | 8:29 am

I am on a mac at my school and i cannot access the emessenger because I get a messege that says: the specified server could not be found.

How do i get around these blocks? I want to use YAHOO messenger


Posted by Andrew on Apr 21, 05 | 8:05 pm

That’s not a block. Their server is really down. You have to wait for them to fix it.

Posted by Tim on Apr 21, 05 | 11:02 pm

school blocked it

Posted by Noor on Apr 27, 05 | 3:02 am


Posted by Rachael on Apr 27, 05 | 5:49 pm

i cant get on to msn or emessnger its because i dont know how to unblock fire wall n ect.. please help!!

Posted by jess on May 01, 05 | 7:00 am

To Jess, Rachel, Noor and everyone else posting here asking for help:

It is helpful to me if you could first find out what is the software your school or company is using to block access. It is usually one of those commercial censorship softwares like Netnanny. Without knowing the software, there’s very little I can do.

Posted by Tim on May 01, 05 | 7:28 am
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