Tuesday April 26

greenzap.com - paypal alternative

Greenzap aims to compete directly with paypal and grab some of their online-money market. Paypal made the mistake of disallowing most of Asia to participate in their online payment system. There's a whole lot more money in Asia than in the whole of America. I hope Greenzap won't make the same mistake. Pre-register with Greenzap using my promo link below and get $25 free when Greenzap starts in the summer.



Tim, I don’t see anywhere on GreenZap’s website or in the .pdf file that says they will accept credit cards or monthly subscriptions. Did I miss it?  Because they aren’t really a competitor of Paypal (Which we need desperately) unless they accept CC’s without the buyer having to open an account and the ability to set up regular subscription payments.

Posted by John on Apr 26, 05 | 4:49 am

John, you’re right, they don’t mention credit cards. That’s an assumption on my part. It didn’t make sense to me for Greenzap to operate a closed system. But to clarify, I have just emailed Greenzap, asking them whether they accept Paypal and credit card payments.

Posted by Tim on Apr 26, 05 | 1:15 pm
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