Saturday May 07 - make your own comic

No drawing or uploading necessary. gives you a template room (like a classroom, kitchen or bedroom) and you drag and drop elements like chairs, tables and people onto the room and place them where you want. You get a lot of choice in the way the people look. But all the illustrations are done in the pixelated style. You cannot believe how quickly looking at those wee pixels gets tiresome...

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Make sure you read the site terms of service before investing any significant time in creating content on  They pretty much own any content you create (that’s my opinion, anyway).

Posted by scott on May 09, 05 | 5:07 am Permalink

Yup, I think what you’re referring to is article 4.1 of the Gnomz terms of use.

Posted by Tim on May 09, 05 | 9:29 am Permalink
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