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Based in Ireland (or so they say), this free blog hosting service seems a bit shady. Or maybe I'm just looking too deeply into it. It sounds too good to be true, but it puts no space or bandwidth limit on its hosted blogs. You can open a new blog with a subdomain url just like you do with Blogger. It also comes with a decent selection of templates, but you can add your own. The difference is, it uses the Wordpress blog CMS so you can enhance your blog with added plug ins. (I knew about this service a year ago, but with all the misplaced hype about Wordpress MU I never got around to posting about it.)

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Thanks for your nice comments about Blogsome.

Just to let you know that we are actually based in Dublin, Ireland as you will probably get from my IP address for this post and the IP address for

Your not the first person to question this. For some reason this seems to add to our “shadyness” - not sure why.

We now have well over 10,000 blogs hosted at blogsome.You can see a sample list of a number of blogs happily working away at:

We also have a large number of blogs from your neck of the woods - KL Malaysia....also Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia (huge amount from there) etc.

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