July 18, 2023

Importing Hotmail contacts to GMail

Tipmonkies has a good tip on how to copy your Hotmail contacts to Gmail. The earlier methods I’ve seen required pasting the addressbook first into an Excel database file or CSV file before importing the file to Gmail.

The Tipmonkies technique is more elegant and requires only the use of Microsoft Outlook. Built into Outlook is the ability to access Hotmail and to synchronise the online addressbook with the desktop addressbook. Then save-as the addressbook into a CSV file. Gmail allows the importing of addressbooks saved as comma-delimited CSV.

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WashingtonPost.com gives its readers customised news by zipcode

The Washington Post is giving its American online readers the choice of viewing its content based on their zipcode. It will present readers with more news from their area or else it will show a version of their paper that’s more international. I think its great that newspapers are taking advantage of the internet’s customisation quality to make their websites more relevant to different market segments. It’s a great step forward that they’re realising that the market is highly segmented and that the internet can help them achieve targeting with cost-efficiency. Although ecommerce sites like Ebay and Craigslist have been doing it for years, it’s better late than never.

Post Site Splits Into Local, Global Pages