Sunday May 29

How to migrate from Feedburner to RSScache

I sent an email to RSScache, the new RSS feed tracking and bandwidth hosting service, and Benjamin of their support team emailed me back with a simple solution. I am considering migrating because I'd like to get RSS ads into a full-feed option and Google Adsense is refusing my application because I do not use Blogger or Typepad. As soon as Chitika, the company that runs the RSS ads, approves my application I'll start the migration process in stages.

If you wish to start using RSScache while not losing your readers, here is what we propose:

1) Edit your feed in FeedBurner. In your "Source Feed Url", add "" in your feed URL, something like "". Save Feed settings.

2) So if you then enable the ads in your feed through RSScache, all your current feedburner users will see them. To do this, you need an account on web site.

3) Update you site's feed URL so that you no longer reference FeedBurner, but instead you reference to your URL with "". Your future users will directly go through RSScache and your current users will migrate directly to RSScache. And you will get complete statistics of your feeds with our service.

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