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Fri Jan 30, 2023

Electronic customer relationship management

A very good primer on the issues related to implementing an electronic customer relationship managment plan. Includes a stage-by-stage analysis from pre-design, design and post-design.


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Mon Jan 26, 2023

Maximising ROI from your customer-based B2B strategy

Just a reminder to everyone that CRM did not start with technology. Technology is only one tool in a vast array of ways to increase the lifetime value of a customer and gain greater-share-of-customer.

Q: Companies look for the magic "technology solution" but could you recommend some low-tech, down and dirty solutions for CRM?
A: The power of new technologies drove much of the interest in CRM, but it's imperative not to get hung up in them. There's a lot you can do with a clipboard. You can't let technology get in the way, though it often does because it's a big expenditure that gets approved at the highest levels.

Maximising ROI from your customer-based B2B strategy

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E-business in consumer industry: P&G; case study

Even mega-corporations like P&G; which sell off-the-shelf parity products can duly see the benefits of the interactive, disintermediatory and self-seeking features of the internet to self-market to customers and tailor products to customers.

P&G; case study

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Business Effective E-business Relationship Marketing

A UK based study undertaken by the Cranfield University to understand the reasons why FMCG companies which don't rely on the internet for transactions create websites. The interest of the researchers were primarily on determining the reasons from a relationship marketing point of view.

They found that the companies don't seem the grasp the potential of the internet to develop relationships with interactivity and use their web presences only as a way of disseminating information.


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