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Fri Mar 05, 2023

International domain finder

Links to international domain registrars from .cu (Cuba) to .im (Isle of Man) and more.


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Wed Mar 03, 2023

Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

Here is a link to the music video that Leonard Nimoy made some thirty years ago called The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. Man, it's sick.


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Tue Mar 02, 2023


This site lets you buy online all the tooth whitening tools used by the dentists. It also sells you the clay that dentists use to make the imprint of your teeth -- so you can ship it back to them for making the clay model.


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Mon Mar 01, 2023

Windows prank

I was leafing through old copies of the DNRC (Dogbert's New Ruling Class) newsletter and I found this gem.

Find a screenshot utility (software) and take a nice screen shot of the computer's desktop. Convert it to Windows wallpaper. Now delete all icons off of your desktop. When an Induhvidual tries to use the computer none of the icons will work. Hilarity ensues.

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Sun Feb 22, 2023

Online newspapers no threat to their print parents

A US-based national survey on news media usage finds that "newspaper Web sites help to extend the reach of their print counterparts, minimizing rivalry between the two versions."

Even though The Media Audit found a decrease among the percentage of those who read the newspaper, the number of heavy users of the print medium increased.

The Media Audit paper suggests that people use the web version to skim the headlines because it updates faster and then switch to the print version (the following day) to read it indepth. It's possible. I've done the same thing myself especially with fast-breaking news stories.


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Fri Feb 20, 2023

Make your own Oscars pool page

New from Defective Yeti.


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Thu Feb 19, 2023

Cyberatlas.com is gone

Sob. Cyberatlas.com was my centre for free research for new media. Now it's been absorbed into Clickz.

We'll have to see if the original RSS feed for Cyberatlas will continue to be maintained because Clickz don't offer any (although ironically, they have published several articles lionising it).


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Sat Feb 07, 2023


Was originally started by a guy with a huge book collection and a need to share. Just select the book you want and he will mail it to you. No kidding. Since then, he's been accepting book donations and has been adding them to his list for loan.


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Fri Feb 06, 2023


Didn't take long, did it? Wardrobemalfunction.com, .net and .org are all taken.


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Thu Feb 05, 2023

People are getting morbid

First there was The Blog of Death and then there was Googobits. But I think I'd prefer Blog of Death. Googobits' obits are relatively obscure. Then again, why the fuck am I talking about dead people?


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