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Wed Mar 03, 2023

Porn is unavoidable

Scene 1: US Solicitor General types "free porn" into Google.

Scene 2: Concludes that porn is therefore "unavoidable".

Scene 3: Finds a life.


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Thu Feb 12, 2023

CD piracy in Malaysia

A month after the local government announced a radical and controversial plan to limit the costs of CDs in Malaysia as a way of enticing people to purchase legal copies of movies and music, this study by the University of Malaya was released to evaluate the feasibility of the new regulation.

It concluded that no matter how low the government limited the prices, the pirates would always sell it lower. It suggests that current laws and sanctions are insufficient to combat piracy and that studies to understand attitudes of consumer willingness to pay a higher price need to be done by the government.


A slightly earlier study done by the same author suggested that it was inconclusive that price limitations would be useful in combating piracy because the law assumes that price is the main factor for purchasing fakes but it might not be. The fact that the fakes are completely uncensored and come faster (sometimes by several months) before the original copies are potential other factors to motivate purchase of fakes.


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Fri Jan 30, 2023

Google cease and desist order

Google goes after Booble.com for copyright infringement and for defamation. Sploogle.com, Elgoog.de, Googobits.com, etc have no comment.


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