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Tue Mar 02, 2023

BSA is a sham

The BSA (Business Software Alliance) is not a lobby organisation "dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world" as its website claims. It's a representative office of its members with the specific intent of wiping out the piracy of its members softwares. And only its members.

This issue came up earlier today when one of the designers wanted to use Quark Express instead of Adobe Illustrator. Quark isn't represented by the BSA, whereas Adobe is.

Based on previous experience, we found that the BSA does not pursue cases of Quark piracy. Therefore we could install pirate copies of Quark with impunity and immunity.

Hahaha. We kill us.


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Wed Feb 18, 2023

Jaring repositioning

How about this for a re-positioning exercise for the only ISP in Malaysia that's still touting dial-up as an internet service for businesses:


Because not everyone wants to surf porn.

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Mon Jan 26, 2023

Mynic squeezes more money out of you

I received this is my email today.

MYNIC is pleased to announce that registration for its newly introduced personal domain names (PDNs) category, ".name.my", will be open on Tuesday 10 February 2004.

Online registrations can be made through MYNIC resellers listed in MYNIC's website (www.mynic.net.my). It will be on first come-first come basis, at RM40 per domain name.

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