Why B2B Businesses Need Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing Automation typically refers to software platforms that automate, workflow-driven marketing tasks, such as lead nurturing or trigger-based activities, and therefore help to improve customer acquisition and prospect engagement. The functions of marketing automation platforms often include an ability to create landing pages. These are website pages that marketers use to drive their audience to,Continue reading “Why B2B Businesses Need Marketing Automation Platforms”

Best Practices For B2B Content Marketing

Today content marketing is a critical component to your overall marketing strategy. The primary objective is to create, optimize and promote content that’s timely, valuable and easily digested by your business’s target audience. This guide is designed to highlight what we have found to be the four most prominent best practices for a strategic, practicalContinue reading “Best Practices For B2B Content Marketing”

Kickstarting a B2B Content Marketing Program

Because content marketing is now the go-to approach to attracting, engaging and retaining a clearly defined audience of prospective buyers, it’s important to get your process right. This guide outlines the first seven steps you should take in order to get a successful content marketing program flowing for your business, ultimately helping you bring inContinue reading “Kickstarting a B2B Content Marketing Program”

Are You Ready to Outsource Your B2B Marketing

It’s no secret that B2B marketing best practices across different marketing channels (social media, paid advertising, website optimization, lead nurturing email campaigns, etc.) are changing every day. Rather than divert time and money trying to learn the necessary tools and techniques, many companies are outsourcing these tasks. Generally speaking, outsourced marketing is the engagement ofContinue reading “Are You Ready to Outsource Your B2B Marketing”

B2B Content Marketing For Industrial Manufacturers

As an industrial manufacturer, your time is short. You have new products to develop. Expensive equipment to maintain. Plus tight production and shipping deadlines to meet. Marketing your company may not be top-of-mind, let alone content marketing. And just what the heck is content marketing anyway? Content marketing can be described as the online presenceContinue reading “B2B Content Marketing For Industrial Manufacturers”

How B2B Companies Can Charge Up Their Websites

Successfully positioning your company as a leading expert in the B2B technology industry means you’ve understood how vitally important it is to stay up-to-date. Your technology business is selling products that are top-of-the-line—brand new, fast, sleek and relevant to your customers—and in this increasingly digital world, your company’s website needs to reflect the high qualityContinue reading “How B2B Companies Can Charge Up Their Websites”

How to Get Started with B2B Content Marketing

Why should you care about inbound and content marketing? Because your peers, partners, and competitors do. According to HubSpot‘s State Of Inbound Report, inbound marketing is the preferred marketing strategy across all business types. In fact, 3 out of 4 marketers throughout the world prioritize an inbound approach to marketing. And when you know thatContinue reading “How to Get Started with B2B Content Marketing”

Quick Guide to User Experience for B2B Businesses

Digital types love acronyms and abbreviations, and these are two of the big ones. UI, short for user interface, and UX, short for user experience, are a big deal for designers, developers and marketers. They’re similar, but they’re different. Simply put, a user interface is what a website looks like, while a user experience isContinue reading “Quick Guide to User Experience for B2B Businesses”