Top 10 B2B Copywriters to Hire in 2020

With good B2B content, you can increase trust in your brand, strengthen relationships with customers, drive inbound traffic, generate demand, build authority in the industry, and educate prospects. That’s why many leading B2B companies invest in the best content B2B copywriters.

But a good B2B copywriter is hard to pin down. They need strong research skills and an aptitude for technical details to write believable long-form content. They also need the ability to write for certain business personas and the editorial focus to ensure the text is sharp and relevant. These capabilities are inherent in many of the copywriters in this list. Here are ten of the best ones to hire in 2020 and what makes them good.

1. Tim Yang

Tim Yang is a rare find. While many a B2B copywriter and B2B content marketing copywriter has come up from B2C, Tim is the only qualified specialist in B2B. He has spent years writing thought leadership and demand generation content for SaaS, fintech, healthtech, data management, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, network infrastructure, and other enterprise technology industries. Many business leaders from Oracle to SAP trust Tim as their go-to B2B copywriter when they need something done right.

2. Laura Soo

Laura is an award-winning professional, with years of experience in the communications industry. She is all about developing and implementing creative solutions that engage, connect, and deliver results. She has proven strengths in delivering a wide range of marketing strategy tools, including through-the-line campaigns for B2C and B2B.

3. Emma Gan

Emma is a specialist in the insurance sector. She has proofread, edited, and crafted copies for insurance groups. She managed and produced monthly content through social, digital, & traditional media while ensuring consistent brand tone & copy across all platforms.

4. Puan Khadijah

Puan Khadijah was once a creative director for a multinational advertising agency. She specialises in Malay copywriting and translating for the Malay Market. She has experience copywriting for Print, Digital, Outdoor, Corp. Video, TV, Radio, Innovative Media, Point of Sales.

5. Sonny Lim

A writer that cut his teeth in the telco business at the infancy of his career, Sonny has since bled, perspired and cried in the name of advertising for 12 years. When he is not writing, he teaches English after recently graduating from the British Council.

6. Alexandria Soon

With years of experience as a social media manager and freelance copywriter, Alexandria enjoys cultivating a strong online presence for brands through strategic content and effective publicity. She managed and wrote social media content for various brands such as One Doc Medical, Glo Damansara, and SPLAT Asia.

7. Minton Chew

Formerly a journalist covering financial market and economic issues, Minton now offers services in copy editing and copywriting of press releases, annual reports, and speeches. He has worked in print and online platforms, in addition to writing scripts and visualising the infographics for business videos.

8. Azman Ismam

Azman’s experience has strong experience in setting up content funnels and executing them by preparing content and copywriting for paid advertisement and websites.

9. Danny Hong

Danny has been an editor with years of experience in the video game and entertainment industries. He has proofread, edited, and crafted copies for various businesses (both print & online). He also dabbles into TVC/Online video scriptwriting, web content writing, and social media strategy.

10. Klara Lee

Klara is a specialist in communicating with the Chinese market. She offers copywriting, translating and proofreading services in Mandarin and English.