Thursday April 14

How odd. A directory of free articles. Even more odd is: most of the articles are good. Anyone can submit an article on any subject from economics to sewing. They're all editor-reviewed and peer-reviewed to maintain quality. The submitters get a link back to their own site. If the article is printed by another site, more people get to see it. Submitting to this site is not a bad way to promote yourself.

But if you're thinking of submitting to gain pagerank, then you should know that there's something funky going on with the site's pagerank. The homepage is pretty high at 6 PR. But there's some kind of URL re-writing involved. My pagerank bar says every single page on the site has 6 PR, even pages three levels down from homepage. I found this really hard to believe. When I double-checked with two other pagerank checkers, every page except for the homepage is in reality 0 PR!

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