August 17, 2023 - share your software list with others

I like because it introduces me to new softwares for OSX. But unlike other software directories, this one comes with recommendations. I get to see what other people are using and have enjoyed so much that they tell me about them. Sometimes, in the descriptions, I even find out why they liked the software. I’m subscribed to the RSS feed for OSX.

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Why should a software company GPL its code

Here’s a very good discussion on Slashdot that revolves around business reasons for a company to GPL their code. Some of those include:

  1. Other people can fix your bugs and security holes for you
  2. No need to pay for beta testers
  3. Free development of new features, some of which you might not otherwise have thought of yourselves if you can get a development community started.
  4. Free positive P.R. for your company, especially if things really take off.
  5. Free advertising for your company as well if you brand the package with your company logo and colours by default.

The issues that came from this thread are especially insightful.

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What’s happening

Waitaminute. I haven’t posted in a week. But that means there… is… nothing to post! Seriously, I’ve been busy with a few things and a few worries. I’ve been trying to get this Wordpress theme template ready. I’m also in the process of preparing the front end of what I think will be a killer-app for creating blogging communities (I got butterflies in the stomach for this one). And besides, it’s been a slow news week. But if you check out my page, I’ve been using my posting bookmarklet quite judiciously lately.

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