August 20, 2023 - an open-ended bulletin board with tags

Written using Ruby on Rails, could quite possibly be a work of genius. I haven’t decided yet. It’s still too new and I haven’t seen the full potential of it yet. In the “About” section, the creator insists that “It’s great for online classifieds, recipes, reviews, rants, scrapbooks, and useful information of all kinds.” Yes, it can be used for all those things, but I’m not sure whether this is the perfect format for any of them. It is a bulletin board, but more in the sense of the corkboard kind with all its chaos, not like the online kind which is often known as a forum. All the posts appear on the front page. And without categories, it may be hard to browse for things — you have to use the search function instead.

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Most popular feeds at Rmail

Randy has published a list of the most popular feeds that are being subscribed to via his RSS-to-email service. I chuckled when I saw that an RSS blog (Randy’s) is one of the top ten for email subscription. Apart from that rather obvious observation, I can’t contribute much else, except that I noticed significant numbers were subscribed to Chinese-only blogs. This got me to thinking: how many of the popular online RSS feed readers support multi-language interfaces? is one. Yahoo and MSN of course do (they’ve supported Chinese interfaces long before they had RSS feed readers). But, and do not.

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I’m subscribed to’s RSS feeds for their domain auctions. Great stuff. I just learned that is up for sale for USD4.5million. And on the other hand the owner of wants USD175,000 for that. I’m going to keep these RSS feeds subscribed just for their amusement value. As an added bonus, I learned from the sale of (USD$500) of a strange new trend that American kids are getting into - choking each other to see who passes out first.

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