August 6, 2023

Video game development industry seeking minorities

According to the International Game Developers Association, 80% of game developers are white and this is leading to racially-typecast characters in games. So they’re looking to interest more minorities into game development. Hang on. Something’s wrong here. So the game industry is rife with racist white folk. Then why would they hire minority game developers? And why are the minorities being treated as the problem and not the racist game developers?

New definition of a weblog

Apparently, the Mac’s new built in dictionary defines a weblog as “Blogs run by twenty-something Americans with at least an unhealthy interest in computers“.

Banning Google ads from Blogspot internet marketers

I started noticing that ads from “marketing gurus” promising untold riches have been appearing in my Google ads. I also noticed they were all hosted on sites. Listen, if you’re too cheap to buy a decent domain and host for your site, you’ve got zero credibility as an internet marketer. You don’t deserve to be seen. I’ve gone to my Google Adsense ad filter and zeroed you out. Get back under the rock you came from and stay there.

New wishlist sites

Two new wishlist sites have come about recently. and Unlike’s wishlist, these are not site specific and you can list items you find on any shopping website. Both of them work very similarly. You can share your wishlist publicly or privately both on the website and in RSS feeds. Both of them supply bookmarklets for easy updating of your list. supports user-added tags, but neither service has a recommendations engine like does. But I’ll bet they’re both looking into it.

Via the RSS Wiki

Blog broker agent?

I wonder if there’s a blog broker agent out there yet? Someone who sources blogs with sales potential and matches them with buyers and vice versa. It wouldn’t be a difficult kind of business. It’s already fairly simple to judge the sales potential of a blog — based on the blog’s cache of loyal readers (RSS readers), blogosphere credibility (link-ins), current and projected traffic, current and projected Adsense earnings, size of archive and likeability of the blog. The seller would have to sign an exclusive contract with the agent. And the agent makes a sales commission from one party or both. Might be worth looking into now with so many marketers trying to break into blogs and so many bloggers wanting to make money.